Where to buy”Defender of the Daleks” #1

Time Lord Victorious artwork based on the 6 variant covers

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Today marks the start of the Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious, and is kicked off by by issue one of Defender of the Daleks from Titan comics. Below I have listed the various places you can buy it, and the prices so you can get the best deal!

Forbidden Planet (main variant covers A-E) £3.75 (+£1 p&p) 

Forbidden Planet (Ltd Ed FP exclusive variant)
– only 500 printed! £12.99 (& £3 p&p)

Time Lord Victorious Trailer

To find out more about the other elements of the Time Lord Victorious adventure, see my earlier blog post here.

Cover Variants

Cover by Lee Binding featuring the Eighth, Nineth and Tenth Doctors
Cover A (Lee Binding)
Cover B by Priscilla Pertaites
Cover B (Priscilla Petraites)
Time Lord Victorious "Defender of the Daleks" Issue 1 Cover C by Andie Tong
Cover C (Andie Tong)
Cover D by Hendry Prasetya
Cover D (Hendry Prasetya)
Cover E a sketch version of Cover D by Hendry Prasetya
Cover E (Hendry Prasetya)
Forbidden Planet special cover for limited edition, one Dalek based on the main one from Cover D
Forbidden Planet special Cover (Hendry Prasetya)

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