The Best deals on the Doctor Who Annual 2021

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Today sees the release of this year’s Official Doctor Who annual (2021), by Random House Childrens, Penguin & BBC Studios, and we’ve listed the best deals we could find .

Packed with the usual activities, puzzles and stories, the annual also links in with the current multi-stranded Time Lord Victorious storyline, with a guide to the ‘Dark Times’ in a special River Song story! There’s also a peek into the world of the TARDIS with a TARDIS Tour and TARDIS Trip Reviewer. Plus more in depth fact files on episodes like Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror and multiple opportunities to get to know your enemies better with breakdowns of 12th season monsters like the Skithra, the Dregs, the CyberMasters and much more. 

The Best Deals

The Recommended Retail Price is £7.99, and here are the top deals we could find:

Forbidden Planet£5.99
The Time Lord Victorious is a multi-stranded story, being told with books, audio and comic strips. To see more details about what's to come in the Time Lord Victorious stimeline see my earlier Blog here!

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