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Doctor Who: The Web of Fear has a Special Edition released, available to buy now on on Blu-Ray & DVD.

The Web of Fear

The Web of Fear is a classic Second Doctor story, originally broadcast in 1968. The story was one of the many ‘missing’ episodes that pepper the 1st and 2nd Doctors’ tenures (as the BBC regularly deleted material between 1967 and 1978), but that had been recovered through the diligent work of Phillip Morris in 2013 (see his story below), and got it’s DVD release in 2018 (along with another missing story The Enemy of the World).

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However episode 3 was still missing and, on the DVD, had to be replaced with a soundtrack over a photomontage of telesnaps – not the most satisfactory way of experiencing the story. That episode has now had an animation makeover and is at the heart of this new Special edition.

To find out more about the 2nd Doctor see this earlier article.

The Web of Fear episode 3 animation

There are two versions of the animated episode – one to match the original episodes in black and white and 4:3 ratio and a colour, widescreen version – thus keeping everyone happy, those who want to see old Doctor Who in colour and fitting modern TV screens, and the purists who want to see it as it as close to the original as possible. The animation is brought to you by Thaumaturgy, the same team who animated Fury from the Deep.

The Disk details

The evocative cover for the Blu-Ray has been created by artist, and fan, Lee Binding, who has done many of the recent Doctor Who blu-ray releases (buy prints of his at Redbubble). Below is the text-less cover art.

Cover art for The Web of Fear Special edition Blu-Ray, by Lee Binding
copyright Lee Binding, with permission

There are various commentaries to enjoy from cast, crew and animators, and the original material has been lovingly upscaled to HD. There is also a making-of documentary – “Going Underground”. See below for the full disk contents.

Disk 1- the story

Episodes 1 – 6, including animated Episode 3 (4:3 B&W Version)


  • Episode 1: Ralph Watson (Captain Knight), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Tina Packer (Anne Travers) moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • Episode 1: Deborah Watling (Victoria) and Derrick Sherwin (story editor) moderated by Gary Russell (from the Lost in Time DVD)
  • Episode 2: Roger Bunce (cameraman) and Brian Hodgson (special sound designer) moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • Episode 3: Adam Boys (animation director) and David Devjak (head of studio production Shapeshifter) moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • Episode 4: Ralph Watson, John Levene (Yeti) and Derek Martin (stuntman, soldier) moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • Episode 5: Frazer Hines and Tina Packer moderated by Toby Hadoke
  • Episode 6: Frazer Hines, Sylvia James (make-up designer) and Tim Woolgar (son of Jack Woolgar) moderated by Toby Hadoke

Disk 2 – Bonus features

  • Animated Episode 3 (16:9 Colour Version)
    • with Commentary from Disc 1
  • Reconstructed Episode 3
  • The Missing Years
  • Photo Gallery
  • Making-of Documentary: Going Underground
  • Shapeshifter Animation Process
  • Original Trailer (Animated)
  • The Many Voices of Jack Woolagar
  • PDF Archive
    • Original Scripts
    • Radio Times Billings

Where to buy The Web of Fear Special Edition