Doctor Who : Time Lord Victorious – Road to the Dark Times Blu-Ray

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The Dark Times. A universe where Death is still finding its feet. A universe where terrible races are born into eternal battle. Where the Great Vampires rage across the skies, where the Racnoss devour worlds, where gods play games with the future. A universe before even the Time Lords. A history that it is forbidden to enter. The ultimate battleground between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lord Victorious. Welcome to the Dark Times.

The Time Lord Victorious story is set in the Dark Times, as the Doctor comes face to face with Death (or, at least, the race who bring death to the universe – the Kotturuh) and the Daleks.

This Blu-Ray brings you TV stories linked, at least tangentially, to those Dark Times. If you are just a 21st century Doctor Who fan, this could be a great way to discover what the ‘classic’ 20th century show was all about. Meet the 3rd, 4th and 7th incarnations of the Doctor dealing with Daleks, vampires, Time Lords and ancient evil. And be reminded of how the 10th Doctor became the ‘Time Lord Victorious’! Four Doctors, seven tales, one epic backstory!

The Seven Stories

These seven stories aren’t, on the face of it, linked but bring a back story to either the Daleks, the Time Lords, or some of the ancient evil that existed before either of them.

The Third Doctor

Planet of the Daleks
After pursuing the Daleks through space, the third Doctor lands on the planet of Spiridon, in the midst of a tropical jungle. There he, and his companion Jo Grant, find more than just Daleks. Poison-spitting plants, an ancient Dalek enemy, invisible aliens and a vast hidden vast army waiting to mobilise and conquer.
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The Fourth Doctor

Genesis of the Daleks
The Time Lords give the Fourth Doctor a mission – stop the Daleks becoming the dominant force in the universe, in whatever way necessary. (My ‘head canon’ says that this was part of the Dalek/Time Lord Time War, as seen in 21st century Doctor Who.) Follow the Doctor, with companions Harry Sullivan & Sarah Jane Smith, as they witness the birth of the Doctor’s deadliest foe at the hand of their creator Davros – will they be able to avert the Genesis of the Daleks?

The Deadly Assasin
The Fourth Doctor, travelling alone, returns to his home world of Gallifrey, where he is arrested for the assasination of the Time Lord President. Can the Doctor discover who is really behind this plot, and will he survive a battle of the minds in The Matrix?

State of Decay
The Fourth Doctor and travelling companions , the Time Lady Romana and faithful robot dog K-9 (and, unknown to them, the young stowaway, Adric) are trapped in the universe of E-Space. They land on a planet with a medieval society, where the peasants live in fear of the Three Who Rule – immortal vampires. They discover that, behind it all is a mighty, ancient enemy of the Time Lords, who is slowly regaining power. Can the Doctor and Romana defeat The Great One, before becoming vampire sacrifices?

The Seventh Doctor

The Curse of Fenric
The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in wartime Britain, but discover a foe far greater than the Nazis – an ancient evil who has been manipulating the Doctor in order to get released from the prison the Time Lord himself had put him in centuries before. A story involving Vikings, vampiric Heamovores, ancient evil, WWII decoding machines, deception and faith – Business as Usual for the Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor

The Runaway Bride
The Tenth Doctor finds Donna Noble transported on to the TARDIS direct from her wedding – and she’s not happy! Returning to Earth mysteries pile up, ending up with the Doctor facing the Empress of the Racnoss – a race thought to be wiped out by fledgling Empires in the Dark Times. Can the Doctor stop The Empress from destroying the Earth, and will Donna finally get to have her Moroccan honeymoon?

The Waters of Mars
The Tenth Doctor lands on Mars, only to discover that it is the doomed Bowie Base One – a fixed point in time that he cannot change. As the members of the crew each become infected by a Martian virus the Doctor suddenly decides that, as he is the last Time Lord, he can determine which Laws of Time apply and which don’t! Can the Doctor stop the Martian virus from reaching Earth, and will he regret becoming the Time Lord Victorious?

Where to get The Road to the Dark Times for the best price

The Blu Ray is out on November 9th, but is available for pre-order now. Here are the best deals I could find:
Amazon : £22.99
Zoom: £22.99

The Time Lord Victorious is a multi-stranded story, being told with books, audio and comic strips. To see more details about what's to come in the Time Lord Victorious stimeline see my earlier Blog here!

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