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Missing Doctor Who? Can’t wait until series 13 for more adventures in space and time? Then perhaps this epic adventure will help tide you over.

Doctor Who has a long history of imaginative stories, but I don’t know if it has attempted anything as ambitious as the Time Lord Victorious – a story that encompasses books, comics, audio adventures, figurines, escape rooms and features three different incarnations of The Doctor, along with foes old and new.

See the Time Lord Victorious trailer here.

So, where and when can you buy the different elements and follow this story?

1. September
2. October
3. November
4. December
5. 2021
6. Conclusion & calendar


Defender of the Daleks cover - an illustration of the Tenth Doctor brandishing his sonic screwdriver, surrounded by hundreds of daleks.

So it begins
It all starts on 2nd September with the Tenth Doctor facing his old enemies in Defender of the Daleks issue 1 by Titan Comics. “When the Doctor faces his ancient foes once again, it soon becomes clear that things aren’t what they seem – time is all wrong and something is coming that terrifies even the Daleks.

It’s written by Jody Houser (Spider-Man: Renew your vows, Stranger Things volume 3, the Thirteenth Doctor Volume 2) and illustrated by Roberta Ingranata (the Thirteenth Doctor – a Tale of two Time Lords, Witchblade), the first issue will have five different covers, (and a special Forbidden Planet-specific one). Issue 2 follows on 8th October.

See this blog to see what purchase options there are for Defender of the Daleks!

The latest Doctor Who Annual, out on September 3rd, contains the next connected story – featuring the time-travelling archeologist, River Song (more information to follow when we know it).

See more details about the annual here.
Monstrous Beauty cover - an illustration of the Ninth Doctor and Rose on an alien planet running from alien soldiers and spaceships who are shooting at them.

The next linked story will be part 1 of Monstrous Beauty, a Ninth Doctor and Rose comic strip in issue 556 of Doctor Who magazine (out 17th September), written by Scott Gray (Doctor Who: The Clockwise War, Batman: Night of the Owls) who created the strip with artist John Ross (Doctor Who: The Clockwise War, Star Wars: Honor and Duty). The story continues over the next two issues.


1st October sees the 10th Doctor kick off the main story, with the BBC book The Knight, The Fool and the Dead by Steve Cole (Young Bond – Shoot to Kill, Doctor Who: Combat Magicks), and we’re introduced to a new character, Brian the Ood. (New to us, at least but, as you’ll see later, not to the Doctor).

The cover of 'The Knight, The Fool and the Dead' - showing the Tenth Doctor on an alien planet with an Ood and, in the background, a mysterious hooded figure.

The Doctor travels back to the Ancient Days, an era where life flourishes and death is barely known… Then come the Kotturuh – creatures who spread through the cosmos dispensing mortality.” However “the Doctor is an old hand at cheating death. Now, at last, he can stop it at source. He is coming for the Kotturuh, ready to change everything so that Life wins from the start. Not just the last of the Time Lords. The Time Lord Victorious.

The Cover of 'Short Trips: Master Thief / Lesser Evils' featuring a mysterious hooded person, and two versions of the Master (as portrayed by Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley)

Next we move from The Doctor to his nemesis, The Master in Big Finish’s short story audio Short Trips : Master Thief / Lesser Evils. This is will be available from 7th October (but can be pre-ordered now) as a digital download. A CD version will be available as part of the Eighth Doctor bundle (see below). Master Thief, by Sophie Iles (Doctor Who Magazine contributor, and artist) features the first incarnation of The Master that we met on the television (opposite Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee), as played by the late Roger Delgado. His renegade Time Lords boots are filled by by voice artist Jon Culshaw (probably best known for his impressions on BBC Radio 4’s Dead Ringers – where, amongst others he brilliantly impersonates Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker). He also takes on the mantle of the other incarnation of The Master to feature in these stories, as played on screen by the late Anthony Ainley (opposite the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors!) – Lesser Evils is written by Simon Guerrier (Doctor Who : The Women who Lived, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayer Stats, and many Big Finish audio adventures).

8’s here
Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor takes the reins next in the first of a Big Finish audio trilogy – He Kills me, He Kills me not – available October 14th. Written by new author, Carrie Thompson, it features the return of his oldest enemies, the Daleks and (re)introduces us to Brian the Ood.

The cover of 'He Kills me, He kills me not', featuring the Eighth Doctor standing in front of the tardis holding his sonic screwdriver, next to an Ood in a tuxedo.

On the desert world of Atharna, the Doctor’s life is about to be changed forever. Looking to visit one of the Seven Hundred Wonders of the Universe, he’s quickly embroiled in a web of deceit. Worse than that, this Wonder of the Universe is missing, and the Doctor is about to encounter one of his most dangerous and duplicitous adversaries. The Doctor is about to meet Brian.

A picture of the two Dalek figures, a golden Emperor, and a silver and blue drone.

October 20th see the first Time Lord Victorious figurines from Eaglemoss/Hero Collector – the Dalek Emperor & Dalek Drone. They will be a 1:21 scale and are the first of four sets, followed on November 1st by the Dalek Commander and Dalek Scientist.


The Eighth Doctor continues his adventure on November 11th, with the next in the Big Finish audio trilogy – The Enemy of my Enemy, by Tracy Ann Baines.

The cover of 'The enemy of my enemy' with the Eighth Doctor stood on an alien planet with three daleks behind him, looking at him.

The people of Wrax are happy to begin peaceful negotiations with the Dalek Empire. The two species are preparing to engage in an alliance that will last throughout the ages. The only one who seems to object to this happy union is the Doctor. He knows that you can never trust the Daleks. But more than that, he knows that the Wraxians should never have existed…

Doctor Who day, November 23rd, see the 3rd Eaglemoss/Hero Collector set released – Dalek Executioner and Dalek Strategist.

8 & 10 on vinyl
Doctors Eight and Ten join forces (well, almost) in Echoes of Extinction – a dual story released on vinyl LP on November 27th (from selected Asda stores), and on download from Big Finish on December 4th. These two seperate, but interlinked, stories are written by Alfie Shaw, a Producer, Director and author at Big Finish, and also stars other actors from the worlds of Doctor Who – Arthur Darvill, Torchwood’s Burn Gorman and Mina Anwar ( The Sarah Jane Adventures).

The cover of 'Echoes of Extinction' - 
A picture of the Eighth and Tenth Doctors with aliens behind them.

“Trapped, a haunted monster waits to consume new victims. It needs help. It needs a doctor. Unfortunately, it also needs to kill whoever it meets. Thrust into immediate danger, and on the back-foot, it will take all of the Doctor’s ingenuity to triumph.

Two interlinked adventures. Two Doctors. One foe.”


December 3rd sees the Tenth Doctor, and Brian the Ood, feauture in the BBC Audio The Minds of Magnox, written by Darren Jones who has penned several Doctor Who audios for BBC Audio and Big Finish. The story will be told buy actor Jacob Dudman – who has read Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor stories for Big Finish. This is the first BBC Audio that will be available as download, CD and Vinyl. (The CD will be available from Forbidden Planet.)

The cover of 'The Minds of Magnox' featuring the Tenth Doctor and an Ood.

In this original story, the Doctor travels with Brian, the Ood assassin, to the planet Magnox, one of the greatest receptacles of knowledge the universe will ever know, and home to the Minds of Magnox. The Doctor needs to ask a vital question, but the answer is Grade 1 Classified. In order to gain an audience with the Minds of Magnox he must take a dangerous test. 

Meanwhile, Brian gets involved with a criminal group and is asked to assassinate the Minds of Magnox. However, others also have the planet within their sights…

The Trilogy completed
The third installment of the Eighth Doctor trilogy, Mutually Assured Destruction, is released December 9th. It’s by Lizzie Hopley, who has gone from acting in Doctor Who audios to writing them!

The cover to 'Mutually Assured Destruction' with the Eighth Doctor stood in front of an exploding futuristic building.

The fallout of the great battle.

Outnumbered and alone, on a Dalek time-ship careering through the vortex, the Doctor must use all his cunning to survive. As the saucer disintegrates around them, the Doctor is trapped with a crew of increasingly desperate Daleks.

Or are the Daleks trapped with him?

It all comes together
Finally (for this year, at least) the various story threads culminate in Una McCormack’s All Flesh is Grass published by BBC books on December 10th. Una is a New York Times best seller of Science Fiction who is passionate about “women’s writing, science fiction, and helping people find their words and voices.” Her previous works include the Star Trek: Picard novel The Last Best Hope, (which became a USA Today bestseller), and Doctor Who: The King’s Dragon.

The cover to 'All flesh is grass' with the Tenth Doctor in Gallifreyan regalia, stood in front of the Eighth and Ninth Doctors, with an army of flying Daleks behind them.

The Tenth Doctor has sworn to stop the Kotturuh, ending death and bringing life to the universe. But his plan is unravelling – instead of bringing life, nothing has changed and all around him people are dying. Death is everywhere. Now he must confront his former selves – one in league with their greatest nemesis and the other manning a ship of the undead… .


A picture of a person dressed up in the fourth Doctor's long scarf looking at the tardis which has behind it to the right modern london, with the London Eye, and behind it to the left wartime London with searchlights and zeppelins.

Next year there is another Eaglemoss/Hero Collector to look forward to – Brian the Ood, with the tenth Doctor in his Gallifreyan Time Lord Victorious garb (March 1st, pictures to follow, when available) and a new immersive experience called Time Fracture, which is open for booking (with dates from 17th February).


So the next 4 months have a roller-coaster of a multi-threaded adventure with the Eighth, Nineth and Tenth Doctors as they fight death itself, work with the Daleks and meet Brian the Ood. Stories to read and listen to (to be enjoyed on their own, or as part of the bigger picture), and linked collectibles to add to your shelf.
And all in time for Christmas!

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