Hi, and welcome to the Weblog of Fear – a blog about the UK TV series Doctor Who, and some of the great merchandise you can buy. Throughout it’s 50 year+ history it has had a contuining appeal to audiences in Britain, and throughout the world. The tale of a mysterious hero, the Doctor, travelling through time and space in (what appears to be) a battered old ‘Police box’ fighting evil in it’s many guises – alien, robot & human. Described sometimes as “cheating death” the Doctor’s body has ‘regenerated’ many times and the Time Lord has had many faces and personalities. This has meant that the show is forever renewing itself and adapting it has become part of the fabric of UK society, and continues to find a new audience.

The show has continuously generated merchandise – books (novelising TV stories, creating new stories, documenting the show’s long history on, and off, screen); comics; wind-up toys; action figures; audio stories; clothes (T-shirts, cosplay costumes), prop replicas – and the list could go on. I hope to bring you information about those Doctor Who things we love to buy to adorn our shelves and bring us pleasure. I’ll be finding the best deals and I’ll point you in the direction of where to get them. (I may get a small comissions from some of those sellers, but I will only direct you to reputable retailers, and quality goods, so it should be a win-win!)

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you’re wondering where the name of the blog comes from , it’s a play on on the title of a 60s Doctor Who story The Web of Fear!

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