October 2020

Where to buy the 2021 Doctor Who Calendar

There are three Doctor Who 2021 calendars currently available : two wall calendars – 12th Season specific (Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor), and one featuring all the TV Doctors;  the other is a desk calendar featuring every story from it’s 50+ year history. You can also buy a desk planner, and a diary.

Doctor Who : Time Lord Victorious – Road to the Dark Times Blu-Ray

This Blu-Ray brings you TV stories linked, at least tangentially, to those Dark Times. If you are just a 21st century Doctor Who fan, this could be a great way to discover what the ‘classic’ 20th century show was all about. Meet the 3rd, 4th and 7th incarnations of the Doctor dealing with Daleks, vampires, Time Lords and ancient evil. And be reminded of how the 10th Doctor became the ‘Time Lord Victorious’! Four Doctors, seven tales, one epic backstory!